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  • Properties of viper venom

    Properties of viper venom

    The aging process depends, not only from the psychological reduction of collagen and elastin but also from our own natural physiognomy.The active ingredient used in cosmeceutics is the Syn-Ake, a sintetic tripeptide that reproduces in lighter and localized way the effect of a viper bit. This tripeptide is similar to those found in the viper venom: it acts at postsynaptic level by blocking the receptor ofacetylcholine, it prevents muscles from co

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  • Cosmeceuticals do it better

    Cosmeceuticals do it better

    The word “Cosmeceutical” is made up of two terms: Cosmetics and pharmaceutical. In this semantic nomenclature is already hidden the main difference between cosmetic and cosmeceutical products, let’s see deeply where is the difference.

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  • Perfect tanning? depends on what you’re eating

    Perfect tanning? depends on what you’re eating

    A useful factor which can help to achieve a perfect tanning is, without doubts, get used to follow a correct and balanced diet. In nature we have a lots of foods which have tanning properties, to the point that they can be considered irreplaceable allies to reach our dreamed goals. Then, what are these foods and what is their secret?

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  • Ten years younger in an

    Ten years younger in an "Instant"

    Try now our Instant Hyalu-Snake Serum around the eyes or on the T-zone of your face. Within three minutes you can see the amazing effect on your skin. Wrinkles appear smoothed, under eye bags and fine line appear greatly reduced.

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